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Think About It: Year-long Intention Experiment

A series of worldwide web based mind-over-matter experiments monitored by physicists and psychologists will measure how directed thought energy changes the world around us. This largest ever study of its kind will test if a targeted effect gets stronger as more people think the same thought at the same time. Tens of thousands of volunteers are expected to participate throughout 2007, inspired by the premise of best-selling author Lynne Taggart’s book The Intention Experiment.

“This is not about sending intentions to make a million dollars,” says Taggart, who notes that book sales and grants are funding the experiment. “The targets are philanthropic.” Examples include healing wounds, helping children with attention deficit or patients with Alzheimer’s, and counteracting pollution and global warming.

The effort’s wide-ranging consortium of scientists includes experts in consciousness research from the University of Arizona, Princeton University, the International Institute of Biophysics, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. “What’s most important is being willing to ask the question,” says Taggart. “That’s what real science is.”

For details and to register to participate, visit

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