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Safe Play Makeup for Kids: Non-toxic Dress-up Fun

Whether they’re wannabe glamour babes, action heroes or jungle cats, sooner or later, most kids ask to play with makeup. Keep dainty divas and intrepid explorers safe by just saying no to the following:

• Powders, which are easily inhaled and can damage young lungs.
• Lipstick, which may contain lead; kids tend to eat almost as much as they apply.
• Phthalates and toluenes, found in fragrances, nail polish and other cosmetics; these have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption and allergies. Read labels carefully.
• Fragrances, which are common allergens and also contain phthalates.
• Eyeliner and mascara, which could end up poking an eye.
• Glitter, which often ends up in noses or eyes and carpeting.

Instead opt for:
Cream-based blusher and eye shadow.
Easy homemade lip balm at

Before buying makeup for kids, visit A safe play makeup kit called Little Earths Beauty is available at For a homemade lip balm recipe see

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