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Think Organics are Expensive?: ...Think Again

Relatively speaking, they’re often cheaper than other, less healthful, consumer goods. As just one example: For the cost of a medium coffee shop latte, around $4 in most cities, we can buy three organic bananas, a handful of organic walnuts and a small organic coffee.

Instead of a small bag of movie popcorn and small soda, try a large bag of organic popcorn and small organic soda, topped off with an organic chocolate bar.

Shy away from that scone and go for an organic apple, organic yogurt and six organic dates.

Rather than a restaurant burrito and soda, trade up to two frozen organic burritos, plus a pint of organic, low-fat frozen yogurt.

Better than a fast-food cheeseburger and fries, switch to a box of organic veggie burgers and a bag of frozen, organic sweet potato fries.

Upgrade from any old takeout pizza to, a mostly, organic veggie pizza, with a side of organic salad, complete with avocado, tomatoes, carrots and cucumber.

Adapted from Better Nutrition

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