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It’s the Law: Citizen Eco-Crimes Hotline Protects & Preserves

Near-universal access to cell phones makes it easy for Florida’s citizens to become needed eyes and ears, ready to stand up for the well-being of the state’s valuable natural resources. Simply dialing #DEP will sic the state’s Department of Environment Protection on the perpetrators of environmental crimes.

Acting quickly can stop any illegal activity that could cause harm to nearby neighborhoods and waterways. Examples include dumping trash outside a regulated landfill, bringing in an overlarge fish catch, destroying mangroves, toxic spills, even improper disposal of electronics.

In addition to the #DEP service for mobile phone users, callers also can dial the Environmental Crimes Hotlines at 1-877-272-8335 (1-877-SAVE-FL).

For more information on the new Division of Law Enforcement,

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