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Digital Switch: Best Energy Choices in TV Technologies

As technology continues to evolve, consumers may feel compelled to purchase a new television set.  When deciding to purchase a new TV, making it time to recycle the older set, there are many factors to consider. In addition to screen size, resolution and auxiliary connections, it’s also time to consider energy use.

The Union of Concerned Scientists, at, spells out the best options. First look for an Energy-Star rated model. Then choose a rear-projection microdisplay mode (commonly known as DLP, or digital light processing). According to a study by technology reviewer CNET, a DLP consumes only .13 watt per square inch of screen. LDC TVs use more than twice that, at .28 watt per inch, with plasma TVs dead last at .33 watt per inch.

Other energy-saver tips: Turn off the quick start option to cut standby power consumption. Turn down brightness settings. Unplug the TV when not in use.

For a detailed Q&A, visit Note: Cable and satellite subscribers must contact their provider for any special equipment needs.

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