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New Youth Mindfulness Retreats: Offering Teens the Opportunity to Listen to Their Inner Voice

Feb 01, 2009 03:00AM ● By Joe Klein

Our relationship with ourself, possibly the most important relationship of all, is often neglected in our stressful world. With today’s teens feeling pressured by the demands of school, parents, jobs and peers, it can be difficult to find the time and space to go inside and listen to their inner voice.

In 2009, a new series of mindful retreats will offer a community of acceptance, support and kindness, where guided activities and meditation open up young people to come into alignment with themselves and the ways they interact with others.

Teen Retreats

Earthsong Organic Farm and Retreat in Stuart, Virginia
April 24-26 / July 11-18 / October 9-11
Contact: [email protected] or 540-239-2838

Hidden Villa in Los Altos, California
April 24-26
Contact: [email protected]

Padmasambhava Peace Institute in Cazadero, California
June 21-27 / October dates to come
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Insight Meditation Society Retreat Center in Barre, Massachusetts
July 5-9
Contact: [email protected]

Young Adult Retreats (ages 18-31)
Earthsong Organic Farm and Retreat / Selu Retreat Center in Radford, Virginia
March 7-12 Spring Break at Radford University
Contact [email protected] or 540-831-5487

Padmasambhava Peace Institute in Cazadero, California
June 28-July 4th
Contact: [email protected]

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