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Signs of a Highly Intuitive Child: Traits of Intuition

Sep 01, 2009 03:00AM ● By Catherine Crawford

Intuition involves the ability to pick up on subtle information that is not perceived directly through any of the five senses, but rather is detected through an invisible sixth sense. Empathy is the ability to tune in to how another person is feeling by registering those feelings through the body. Intuitive empaths experience these ways of perceiving the world through an extra-magnified lens.

Do you have a highly intuitive child? Read the following 10 traits and check those that apply. My child:

  • Has a way of finishing my sentences and reading my thoughts.
  • Has an ability to “see” things before they happen and is surprised that other people respond to her predictions with amazement.
  • Frequently translates the needs of younger siblings and pets for me and is surprisingly perceptive.
  • Is agitated by noisy, crowded events, and it takes him a long time to bounce back after such disruptions.
  • ”Catches” others’ emotions or upset moods, almost like a cold.
  • Is prone to headaches and stomachaches related to other people’s stress.
  • Feels tension during traumatic world events, maybe even drawing pictures of them or spontaneously talking about them, without any external information about the events.
  • Is hard to keep a secret or surprise from; for example, she routinely guesses her birthday presents.
  • Has a tendency to have insights about other people and the world that outpace developmental norms.
  • Reports feeling different from his or her peers.

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