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Free Exchange: Seven Sites to Swap, Trade or Borrow

Nov 01, 2009 02:00AM

Today’s economic challenges are spurring updated approaches to living a good life. These free or nearly free Web-enabled services make it possible to exchange goods and services with neighbors and others anywhere in the world. It’s a satisfying way to recycle stuff. – Facilitates a “gifting economy,” in which local Freecycle Network group members give away household items to others in their community who want them. – Offers 2,400 advanced, feature-rich video games, from Nintendo and Xbox to Wii, for a $1 fee per game received. – Lists items available for loan or trade, from media to kitchen items to power tools. – Catalogs 2 million paperback and hardcover titles available to browse and trade; upload owned titles to earn credits to use as site currency. – Depicts a collection of 58,000 new and classic DVD titles to trade. – Demonstrates the possibilities of swapping accessories, cosmetics and shoes with fashionistas around the world; frequently, the only cost is shipping. – Signs up parents to receive Zwaggle Points used to trade baby and children’s gear; the only cost is shipping.

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