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Ten Things Missing from Health Care Reform Debate: A Look at the Real Issues Facing Our Nation's Health

“If we’re going to fix our health care system, we have to come up with something that actually addresses the root cause of disease in America,” says Mike Adams, founder of, an online news source for personal and planetary wellness. “The current health care reform debate in Washington is really just… a ploy to keep everyone focused on all the wrong topics, while quietly refusing to talk about the big issues that threaten the health of an entire nation.”

Adams cites these top 10 reforms missing from President Obama’s health care plan:

- Ending the Food and Drug Administration’s suppression of natural cures and safe, effective nutritional supplements.

- Educating the public about how to prevent disease with nutrition.

- Ending big pharmaceutical corporations’ monopoly on drug prices and patents.

- Restoring the ability of local doctors to practice medicine without being controlled by bureaucrats in Washington.

- Cracking down on ads for junk foods, sodas and pharmaceuticals that convince people to purchase harmful products.

- Banning dangerous chemical ingredients that cause diseases in the first place, such as aspartame, sodium nitrite and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

- Improving school lunches by serving nutrition foods, instead of what’s cheap and convenient.

- Ending bizarre food subsidies on crops like corn, which make high-fructose corn syrup the cheapest sweetener for manufacturers to use.

- Affirming health freedom for parents who wish to opt out of the current system of forced vaccinations and gunpoint-enforced chemotherapy.

- Requiring honest food labeling that clearly identifies foods that are irradiated and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

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