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Petition Now: Action Alert to Support Florida Food Freedom Act

Floridians can show support for Florida’s farm families and a healthy local food supply by becoming proponents of the Florida Food Freedom Act (S 1900). The bill was introduced in the current state legislative session, which ends April 30.

The Florida Food Freedom Act of 2010 would help family farms remain profitable and viable by exempting them from many of the burdensome regulations and incumbent fees that are necessary for large agribusiness distribution chains. Instead, citizens would rely on their knowledge of how and where their food is locally raised, harvested and prepared to provide sufficient oversight and accountability.

Current regulations make it tough for farm families to make a living, and as family farmers reach retirement age (the average age of today’s family farmer is 58) they are commonly opting to sell their land for development. Thousands of acres of farmland have been lost due to this trend.


Get the facts at; click on “Legislation” in the left column, then “State Bills” for Florida. Identify and contact local legislators and representatives to voice support for S 1900 at and

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