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New Newscape: Americans Want More News about Health and Spirituality

Nine in 10 American adults now get their daily news from multiple media platforms, including the Internet, television, radio and local and national newspapers, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. The Internet is at the center on how people’s relationship to news is changing; it has become increasingly portable, personalized and participatory. Today, 33 percent of cell phone owners access news on the device; 28 percent of Internet users have customized their home page to include news sources on topics of personal interest; and 37 percent of Internet users have contributed, commented on or disseminated news via postings on social media websites.

The third most popular online news subject, following weather and national events, is health and medicine. The top three subjects people want to receive more coverage on are scientific news and discoveries, religion and spirituality, and health and medicine, closely followed by state and community news.


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