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Indicated Homeopathic Treatments: Three Keys for Sports Injuries

Jul 01, 2010 03:00AM ● By Dana Ullman, MPH and Dr. Lauri Grossman

Three key medicines for sports injuries are Arnica for shock and trauma to soft tissue and muscle; Hypericum for shooting pains and trauma to nerves or parts of the body rich with nerves, such as the fingers, toes and back; and Calendula for cuts or open wounds to promote healthy new skin formation. The information here indicates external use for common injuries.

Sprains and strains
--Arnica immediately after injury, especially if there is swelling and soreness
--Rhus tox for sprains with annoying stiffness
--Bryonia for sprains with excruciating pain whenever the joint is moved
--Ledum for easily sprained ankles that feel better when ice is applied
--Calcarea carbonica for chronic ankle sprains and repetitive stress injury
--Ruta for tendon injury (especially helpful for tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome)

--Arnica immediately after injury, also later if there is soreness
--Hypericum for sharp shooting pains that accompany a dislocation

--Arnica immediately after injury, especially if there is bruising
--Bryonia for fractures with severe pain made worse by motion
--Ruta for injuries to periosteum (bone-covering membrane), common with trauma to the shin, skull, elbow or kneecap
--Symphytum to promote bone growth (only to be given after a fracture has been set)
--Calcarea phosphoric to speed the progress of slow-healing fractures

Head injury
--Arnica immediately after injury, especially if there is bruising and/or large swelling that is sensitive to touch
--Natrum sulphuricum for a head injury followed by irritability or depression; always seek professional treatment for a head injury

--Calendula to help prevent infection in scrapes and open wounds; for any open wound and for blisters; do not use arnica, but instead apply calendula topically
--Hypericum to speed healing and lessen shooting pain in wounds to the tongue, fingertips and toes
--Ledum to repair injury from puncture wounds

Note: Most health food stores carry homeopathic medicines in the 30C potency, considered a mid-range strength that is safe to use when self-prescribing for the sports injuries described here. For severe injuries and emergency care, contact a certified professional homeopath who can prescribe remedies in higher, more appropriate potencies. For a state by state directory, visit


Helpful Resources:
Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines by Stephen Cummings, MD and Dana Ullman, MPH
Homeopathy for Musculoskeletal Healing by Asa Hershoff, ND, DC

Source: Dana Ullman, MPH (master of public health) and Dr. Lauri Grossman, doctor of chiropractic certified in classical homeopathy

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