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Teachers' Aid: Good Samaritans Boost the Quality of Classroom Teaching

Jul 29, 2010 12:26AM

Despite billions of federal stimulus dollars allocated for qualifying schools this year, tens of thousands of teachers are flocking to online charities like, for help in securing essential classroom tools and supplies. Needed items range widely, from books and calculators to paper, pencils and microscope slides.

In many districts, school budgets cannot cover the cost of all the classroom supplies needed, so a teacher will pay several hundred dollars a year from his or her own pocket to keep the classroom equipped. Given today’s pay freezes, spouse job insecurity and school program cuts, individual donors are stepping up to widen the circle of support and fill a local teacher’s specified wish list, reports Judy McClellan, spokesperson for another teacher help site, Donations of extra office equipment and household art materials are also welcome.

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