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Legislative Imperative: On October 10, citizens around the world will launch global work parties to reverse climate change. Find out how and where to get on board.

On October 10, citizens in communities around the world will launch global work parties aimed both to reverse climate change caused by dangerous levels of carbon dioxide emissions and send a clear message to governments that it’s past time for elected officials to get busy.

Citizens will put up solar panels, insulate homes, organize bicycle rides, plant trees and advance other ideas for the types of local and global solutions needed to address the current climate crisis. “Our message is: If we can get to work, so can our lawmakers,” says Bill McKibben, environmental author and founder of, the group that is rallying the 10/10/10 work party events via the Web.

Last year, orchestrated an international day of action that saw 5,200 events in 180 countries support the goal of reducing CO2 levels from 390 parts per million (now 392 ppm) back to a tipping point of 350 ppm. Leading scientists, beginning with pioneering researcher Dr. James Hansen of NASA, maintain that if we can get back to 350 ppm, we have a shot at climate safety.

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