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Ready Resources of Reusable Stuff: Some of the centers listed below also accept individual donations of suitable items for reuse.

Sep 02, 2010 04:01PM


Art From Scrap

Provides arts and crafts materials reuse store, environmental education and arts program. in California


Arts & Scraps

Offers reusable industrial scraps to the public. in Michigan


Creative Reuse Pittsburgh

Accepts donations of materials from manufacturers, retail stores, radio stations, hotels, offices, grocery stores and universities. and in Pennsylvania


East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse

Collects and redistributes materials for education, creative projects and arts and crafts. in California


Extras for Creative Learning

Redistributes excess inventory, outdated stock, overruns or seconds to teachers, group leaders, parents and artists. in Massachusetts


Hudson Valley Materials Exchange

Serves as redistribution center and creative resource for materials suitable for art, education and construction. in New York


Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts (MECCA)

Accepts and distributes donated scraps and discards for reuse in art projects. in Oregon


Materials for the Arts

Serves New York City as its premier reuse center. in New York


Materials for the Arts Program

Offers suitable items gathered by The Monroe County Solid Waste Management District’s Reuse Division to nonprofits, churches, schools and artists working on community projects. in Indiana



Community resource center recycles business discards into children’s learning tools. in California


The Resource Center

The group’s Creative Reuse Warehouse collects overruns, rejects and byproducts from businesses and industries to redistribute as educational and artistic resources. in Illinois


The ReThink + ReUse Center

Makes business and industrial materials donations available to parents, teachers and artists. in Florida


The Scrap Exchange

Collects clean, reusable industrial discards and donated materials from individuals for creative reuse. in North Carolina


Scrounger’s Center for Reusable Art Parts (SCRAP)

Redistributes unwanted materials collected from businesses and individuals to teachers, parents, artists and organizations. in California


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