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Web-wise Giving: Savvy Computer Use is Revolutionizing Philanthropy

Nov 02, 2010 03:31PM

A sibling brainstorm by Ken and JJ Ramberg is paying off in helping causes across the country. Their now works with more than 1,500 leading online retailers to donate an average of 3 percent (or more) of the cost of every purchase to the customer’s chosen charity or school. Similarly, every general Yahoo-powered search on chips in about a penny. Can’t find a favorite charity in the lists posted on both websites? Apply to add it.

“More than 100 new nonprofits and schools register daily,” says co-founder Ken Ramberg. “GoodSearch and GoodShop are helping make a difference in communities across the country. They are alleviating the strain in resources and making it possible for everyone, regardless of how much time or money they have, to give back.” Co-founder JJ Rambert notes that millions of people are using the two websites to benefit more than 90,000 nonprofits and schools.

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