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Key Elements To Soulful Exercise

Dec 03, 2010 12:10AM ● By Luke Burgis

Five fitness elements characterize ActivPrayer training. Once they are understood, it’s possible to integrate prayer and turn any exercise activity into an ActivPrayer workout.

Time Management. Workouts take on the aspect of ritual when work-rest ratios optimize rhythm and flow. Training is designed to emphasize the element of timing, maximize efficiency and utilize important physiological and mental triggers in the body.

Sensory Experience. Fully engaged workouts become total experiences, involving sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Training always takes environmental factors into account. Which generates a better mood—an overcrowded health club or a forest trail, with the smell of fresh pine and natural sounds filling the air?

Social Interaction. Because we’re social beings, training makes use of partner drills, friendly competition and one-on-one interaction. ActivPrayer classes are centered on Soul Teams, core groups of five participants that provide motivation, support and accountability for its members.

Mental Models. Great performances often take place on the heels of an emotional resolution or inspiration. What’s going on in our heart and head affects how we perform. ActivPrayer gets rid of pesky negative or wandering thoughts that are a waste of time and energy and instead, maximizes one’s potential.

Variety. ActivPrayer is a cross-training fitness model, embracing as many diverse activities as possible, from lifting weights and running to bicycling and swimming. The regimen challenges mind and muscles in structured ways that specifically maximize results and keep training fun, engaging and effective.

Luke Burgis is the founder of www.ActivPrayer.

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