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Eden Energy Medicine: An Empowering System for Health and Healing

Mar 30, 2011 02:41PM

“Energy medicine awakens energies that bring vitality, joy and enthusiasm to your life—and greater health to your body, mind and spirit. Balancing your energies balances your chemistry and hormones, helps you feel better, and helps you think better. And it empowers you to adapt and even flourish in the 21st century.” ~ Donna Eden

Become proficient in the inspiring field of energy medicine.

Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue and organs; energy medicine focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue and organs. It recognizes energy as a vital, living, moving force that determines much about health and happiness. According to Mehmet Oz, M.D., of the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, “Energy medicine is the last great frontier in medicine.”

One of the world’s most sought-after, authoritative and joyous spokespersons for energy medicine is Donna Eden, whose abilities as a healer are legendary. For more than three decades, she has been teaching individuals—some 80,000 worldwide, both laypeople and professionals—how to reclaim their health and natural vitality by understanding and working with the body’s energy systems.

Now you can study Eden’s teachings of energy medicine in a location near you through her Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Foundations Program, developed by Eden and her most senior staff members. You can learn how to enhance your own health and vitality and help your friends, or integrate energy medicine into a professional health care practice.

There are no enrollment prerequisites for the one-year Foundations Program, which comprises four four-day weekends of hands-on training and at-home supervised practice, taught by Eden’s well-trained and certified staff. You will learn and practice the fundamentals of EEM, earning a Certificate of Completion, and those who wish to become certified may continue with a second year of study in the EEM Certification Program. Continuing Education Credits are available in some locations for both programs.

Classes start in April, May and June at 23 locations throughout the U.S and Canada, including Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

To learn more about Eden Energy Medicine and the EEM Foundations Program, call 541-482-1800 or visit

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