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Über Men: Study Shows Gap Between Green Thinking and Doing

Jun 30, 2011 10:48AM

Researchers have invested much time trying to figure out why many people don’t follow through on their green aspirations. Now, a new study has found a surprising culprit. According to a study conducted by OgilvyEarth, Americans overwhelmingly view going green as a “feminine” act, and some men are actually avoiding eco-friendly activities for fear that they’ll come across as more feminine.

The study ranked the population on a spectrum that ranged from Green Rejectors to Super Greens, with most men turning up as the former and most women as the latter. What’s worse, some men said they wouldn’t carry reusable shopping bags or drive a hybrid car, because they were worried such activities would seem “girly” or make them self-conscious.

Luckily, we know many uber-green guys who aren’t going with the trend. Many embrace a desire to do their best to preserve our planet for future generations—to ensure that their children will have nature to enjoy like they did as boys. Many do traditionally manly things like farming, setting up programmable thermostats and driving a Tesla Roadster, activities they learned from their fathers who were, in turn, taught by their fathers. There’s nothing wrong with a guy going green. Carry a reusable shopping bag proudly and be part of the solution.


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