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Natural Awakenings

Hearts Shine Despite Natural Disaster

Dec 15, 2012 03:09PM


After Hurricane Sandy, one of the largest storms on record, devastated the shorelines of New York and New Jersey and uprooted the status quo in surrounding states, local residents saw a new energy emerge amid the populace.
Kelly Martinsen, publisher of the Long Island edition of Natural Awakenings, joined a corps of volunteers helping families and businesses dig out of the ruins of their once-beautiful beach town. In turn, her advertisers and neighboring publishers reached out to share office space, homes and offer other heartfelt help to keep her business afloat. “While I have lost much, I feel blessed to have lived through this event,” says Martinsen. “I was able to experience the wonderful nature of people helping people in the days after the storm.”
Tina Woods, publisher of the New York City edition of Natural Awakenings, changed the function of her delivery truck from distributing magazines to carrying food to residents and volunteers assisting Gerritsen Beach neighborhoods in Brooklyn. She also participated in recovery work along the Jersey shore and collaborated with advertisers to raise $1,000 for relief efforts. Woods observes, “In times like this, you know what it means to truly be local and look to the people immediately next to you to get by.”
To join or support coordinated Hurricane Sandy relief efforts vetted by Charity Navigator, visit

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