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Matt Kahn on Transforming the Planet With Love

Nov 27, 2020 09:30AM ● By Sandra Yeyati

Matt Kahn

Author of bestsellers Whatever Arises, Love That and The Universe Always Has a Plan, as well as The Healing Mantra Card DeckMatt Kahn is a spiritual teacher and empathic healer with a global audience, guiding seekers through in-person events and popular YouTube videos.

What are mantras and how do we use them?

They’re a declaration of our deepest wisdom, highest ideals and most authentic aspirations that we sound into existence as a way of asking the universe for help to embody our next highest level of consciousness. It’s an intention of the person I’m going to become and a request of healing energy from the universe, saying, “Please help me become more of what I declare through my words.” A mantra uses the sound of our voice as vibrational medicine to bring what’s within us out into the open for the purpose of not only transforming our personal circumstances, but improving the quality of the world.

When you say a mantra, it’s embedded in your subconscious mind, which is like a new piece of clothing in your closet. A bunch of other clothes may push it to the background, but the moment you need to wear that article of clothing, it’s going to stick out of the closet and get your attention. 

What mantra is resonating for 2021?

No matter what, love always makes it right in the end. If you know that everything is made right by an infinitely wise, loving source, it relaxes you into being open to the journey and allowing yourself to be as aligned as possible to whatever life brings.

What lessons can we learn from turbulent times? 

A big lesson is that desire is not a requirement for happiness. The things that most people desire for comfort or stability have been displaced, whether we’re talking about COVID-19 or the wildfires, for example. But happiness is how content and whole we are with ourselves; the constant needing of things pulls us out of happiness. Perhaps we can discover that just being who we were born to be is what we’ve always desired.

No matter how dark the world seems or how insurmountable the odds appear, this is part of a grand transformation of the planet. We love ourselves to remain safe throughout each step along the way, and we offer kindness, compassion and forgiveness to anyone around us, knowing that anyone acting out of character is just acting from a level of unprocessed pain. We love ourselves as a way of uplifting the planet, and we bless others as a way of helping to further the evolution of humanity. As we learn to be inner light workers and healers, we learn to find complete alignment with spirit no matter how the world ebbs and flows.

What’s the difference between our personal spiritual journeys and what you call ascension?

Ascension is when a certain percentage of the world starts to awaken in consciousness. It’s not just a few awake beings scattered across the globe in a fast-driven, goal-oriented society. It’s a world waking up to its true nature on a collective level.

On an individual journey, we’re healing our wounds, seeing through limiting beliefs, forgiving those who mistreated us and daring to treat ourselves better so that we can become active participants in the community of evolving beings we are creating. 

Giving brings us together. Each of us has something unique to contribute through the gift of diversity; together, we accomplish more than we ever could individually. The individual spiritual path helps clear distractions and awaken your most infinite power, and then you bring that together in community for this potluck of generosity we each get to experience and share. 

What is your advice for political protestors in today’s America?

Gandhi would say, “Be about what you’re for, not what you’re against.” When we protest, we’re saying that something isn’t fair and relying on publicly elected officials to do something about it. I think the gathering together of beings can transform from what isn’t fair to what all of our talents and efforts can do together to create solutions. How can we solve this on a communal level? What can we do to peacefully and consciously use all the power within us to create positive, tangible change so we can start living in the world that we envision? It’s an invitation to quantum-leap out of the identification of problems and into the cultivation of solutions.

Sandra Yeyati, J.D., is a professional writer. Reach her at [email protected]
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