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Self-Care for Stressed-Out Moms

Apr 29, 2022 09:30AM ● By Carrie Jackson
Daughter with happy mother after self-care

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For mothers trying to juggle it all, making their own mental health a priority is key. Here are some practical ways busy moms can incorporate their overall wellness into a daily routine.

Set Up Self-Care: Sneaking in breaks throughout the day can have a positive cumulative effect. Follow a guided meditation while waiting for soccer practice, use essential oils in the car, keep a favorite lotion next to the bed or savor a favorite nourishing snack.

Cultivate a Network: Nurturing relationships with supportive peers can provide emotional and social support. Meet a friend for a morning coffee or afternoon walk, join a book club, host a potluck with other mothers or volunteer with a community group.

Prioritize Therapy: The right therapist can provide an unbiased and supportive perspective and help process new and lingering issues. Find a practitioner that understands a mom’s unique needs and a modality that resonates with us. Traditional talk therapy works well for some, but be open to exploring other forms, such as movement therapy or art therapy.

Keep Communication Open: Modeling and encouraging dialogue gives kids a safe space to practice sharing and lets everyone feel valued. Find time during car rides, at the dinner table or before bed to check in with the family and share each other’s thoughts.

Take a Class: Learning a new skill can spark creativity and help build a social network. Try a pottery workshop, join a dance club, take a photography class or study a foreign language just for fun.


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