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Harness Your Body’s Health With PolarAid

PolarAid device on person's forehead

What people are saying about PolarAid:

“When I fly, my sinus’ are very compromised and elevation changes cause a lot of trouble. I remembered the Polaraid in my carry on I put the Polaraid onto my right ear and within a couple minutes the pain subsided, I quickly switched it to my left ear which by this time was excruciating, the pain subsided!  Thank You!!! I praise The Lord for allowing me to find Polaraid!”

- T.A.S. (McDonald, PA) 

Full testimonial and many more compelling stories.

Harness Your Body’s Health With PolarAid!


PolarAid® encourages the overall health of the body:

  • muscle, joint, spinal health and flexibility
  • weight management
  • healthy metabolism
  • bowel and digestive health
  • sexual health
  • mental calm, balanced moods;
  • promotes quality of sleep, relaxation and more

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