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Healthier Living Through Iridology

Jun 02, 2022 12:45PM ● By Jay Martin
Iridology session with physician looking at scan of eye on tablet with patient

The goal of Eyeread is to make its clients knowledgeable about their genetic predispositions and with that information, help them to become a healthier individual. Quality is number one for Eyeread; when dealing with a client’s health, there is no room for error. With so many satisfied clients, it is no wonder that Eyeread  is a perfect 5.0 rated provider of Iridology services. 

Jessica Halpern, Dip.H.Ir CCI INHC, is one of the nation’s top rated iridologists. Jessica’s mission is to provide a service which helps people. She herself suffered from various health issues that traditional providers were not able to help with. Jessica has made it her life’s goal to use the skills she possesses to help others get well.

If you are not familiar with Iridology, this brief description should help you to get up to speed.

Iridology is the science of the study of the iris of the eye. It is used as an assessment tool. The irides reveal the genetic predispositions of the entire body.

Your eyes are your blueprint; no two irides are exactly alike – just like fingerprints. By looking at the fiber structure, color, markings, and pigmentations, we can discover your inherent strengths and weaknesses. These genetic predispositions allow us to recognize acquired conditions, determine root causes, and potentially correct them.

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Jessica and her team can look for and analyze personality traits and emotional tendencies. Behind every physical issue is a thought followed by an emotion that preceded it.

The eyes are connected to the brain via the optic nerve and act like monitors that can be read to see how your “programs” and “operating systems” are functioning.

 Our job as iridologists is to read the data displayed on the iris monitor and determine what is seems to be functioning correctly and what potentially could be malfunctioning. Additionally, we look for systems that could be in jeopardy of breakdown. Once we have this information, we can help you to repair and prevent health and emotional issues.

Iridology has helped hundreds of thousands of people that have had less than stellar results with traditional medicine.

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During your appointment with Eyeread, multiple photographs of your eyes will be evaluated for predispositions. The Iridologist will spend time with you to discuss what they see in your eyes and to make sure you are aware of weaknesses in your body. A full report is prepared for you that will give you valuable information about your underlying conditions and how to deal with them from a holistic approach.


Our Iridologists will also prepare some health guidelines for you including which foods are beneficial and what you should avoid. We will evaluate the supplements you currently take and let you know which ones may be a benefit, might not be helping, and which ones could possibly be a detriment.      

Also included in your report are personality and behavior traits. Many of Jessica’s clients are surprised how much can be told to them about their selves.  It makes for an interesting discussion as Jessica explains the connection between different behaviors and what is seen in the client’s eyes.  

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Jessica has personally treated hundreds of clients and helped them with everything from weight loss to a pain free life.


A huge concern of many people reaching out to Eyeread  is COVID. Clients want to know both how to prevent it and how to recover from long lasting effects of this SARS virus. Eyeread  can help. While nothing is guaranteed, the protocols Eyeread  offer, have worked for many clients. 

“Since starting my protocol with Jessica, the pains that I have had for so long, which no medical doctor was able to help with, have significantly diminished.   I have more energy than I have had in years.” – Louisa S. – Delray Beach, Florida

“I was having a problem going to the bathroom.   I now go every day without any issue.   The food and supplement protocol I received not only helped me to get regular, but I also lost some weight.   I have lots of energy now and can sleep through the night without any problem.” – Kate J. – Columbus, Ohio

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It costs nothing to get more information about Eyeread.   Simply visit their website at or call 833-240-1065.    You will receive a free consultation and all your questions will be answered.      

Start feeling better today!


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