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Neutralize & Convert Harmful EMF Radiation, E-Smog and 4G/5G

E-smog in city

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Neutralize & Convert Harmful EMF Radiation, E-Smog and 4G/5G to Bio-Compatible Wellness Frequencies that Enhance & Improve the Health of your Family, Animals and Plants.

The “Cocoon” Creates an 82 foot Sphere of Protection in Your Home or Office. 

The COCOON is a whole-home or whole-office technology that neutralizes the negative frequencies of e-smog fields caused by man-made EMFs. We create a cocoon around your home and provide your body with the necessary resilience (resistance) to achieve vitality. And it all happens because the COCOON sends out:
  • The geomagnetic frequency of 8Hz (forest atmosphere)
  • Non-thermal E-Smog neutralizing frequencies
  • And, depending on the inserted frequency card, emits corresponding natural frequencies with a diameter of 82 feet.
  • 10 Frequency Cards include E-Smog, Hawaii Harmony, Sleep-Well, Food/Plants, Relax & Regeneration, Animal, Concentration, Sport & Fitness, I-Frequency/Internal Doctor, P-Frequency/Discomfort Relief.

How does COCOON work?

The COCOON technology mirrors the Earth’s 8 Hz magnetic field and transmits it throughout your home. Our breakthrough COCOON technology brings the natural life force frequency to you and your family.

The same frequency that life was born from billions of years ago. The same frequency that provides nourishment and life to all living things today. The same frequency that if it were to cease to exist – would end Life on Earth.

For On-The-Go, Wear Your “Bubble” Personal Power Protection pendant. 

Protect Your Body’s Energy-Integrity & Vitality from Toxic EMF Radiation (E-smog) 24/7, Everywhere You Go - with the World’s Smallest, Active Frequency Device that fits right in your pocket. 

Your body and Wellbeing are being continuously threatened by something you don't even see. That threat is based on Electromagnetic Radiation (E-Smog). On an average day, you get exposed to 20-40 sources of negative EMF, including: Your Wi-Fi router - Your Bluetooth headphones and 3G/4G/5G cellular communication towers. Even the “dirty” electricity hidden in your walls

The BUBBLE uses positive electromagnetic frequencies that are aligned with your body and the Earth that help you reclaim your vitality and your energy. Wear it over your Solar Plexis to open the Heart Chakra.

Rediscover the unbridled joy and wonderful passion of being alive and reignite your most meaningful relationships, that perhaps have lost some of their luster because you aren’t always feeling your best.

Practitioners love our products to further support the Health of clients and provide an adjunct business opportunity.

Watch this before and after HRV Scanner (heart rate variability) video to witness body systems improvement and functionality in one month. 

Call for more information on this 'rare and exciting' Ground-Floor Affiliate opportunity. (828) 817-4797.

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