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Natural Awakenings Call for Cover Art


Natural Awakenings Looking for Cover Artists


Creative individuals that would like to see their work featured on the cover of a nationally distributed magazine now have an exceptional opportunity. Natural Awakenings is extending a call for cover art and accepting submissions online. Now in its 26th year, the franchised, monthly, healthy living publication that’s available in more than 60 U.S. markets is known for eye-catching covers that feature original works by artists from around the world.

“This is an exciting opportunity for artists to be featured on one of our covers and reach a huge new audience because our monthly readership exceeds 2.5 million,” says founder and CEO Sharon Bruckman. Selected artists that grant permission to print their work on a cover are featured in a one-third page, professionally written “Cover Artist” bio-style piece that describes the artist and includes their contact information.

Natural Awakenings’ covers reflect monthly editorial themes and a variety of selections are distributed to all franchise publishers so they can choose which cover they want to use. “Our covers are creative and help convey our mission of mapping out alternate routes to a healthier, happier and longer life,” adds Bruckman. “Art that is inspiring, uplifting and occasionally whimsical can unlock our imagination and nurture our spirit.”

Rules and Guidelines


Natural Awakenings magazine is a healthy living publication that is available in 60 cities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, with a total readership of over 2.5 million. We regularly feature artists on our covers. The way the cover opportunity works is that in exchange for us printing your artwork on one of our covers, we run a one-third page bio/synopsis in the magazine about you that includes a mention of your website and contact information (about 150-200 words in length). This achieves considerable exposure for you and we get a variety of artists’ works on our covers. Since we are a franchise network, we do not dictate to the owners which cover they will use, but rather offer them various selections (from whichever artists we have each month) and then they choose which they would like to run. Publishers/franchise owners that do not choose your painting for a specific month’s cover, may use it as a future cover.

All submissions must be original work. The artist must be the sole owner of the copyright of the submitted images/artwork. Artists accepted to be published will retain full copyrights of their images. Submitting entries gives Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. the authorization and permission to utilize submitted materials for publication (print and digital) as well as marketing purposes including publicity.

Selected artwork must follow one of the monthly editorial themes or be relevant to the natural, healthy living lifestyle. We do not accept nudes, abstracts, black & white images or 3-D art. To submit artwork for consideration, please send a low-res image of your preferred work along with your contact info to [email protected]. If you have a website, please supply us with the link as well. Please note, we sometimes have to make minor modifications to supplied artwork, so cover titles and text are readable. Keep in mind that images with busy backgrounds do not generally work well with cover titles (words previewing some articles in that specific edition of the magazine.

No phone calls please. If your art is selected, we will contact you and request a high-res 300 dpi file that are 6” x 9” (1800 pixels x 2700 pixels) or larger.


2020 Monthly Editorial Themes


Age-Defying  Habits 
Plus: Healthy Immune System


Cardiovascular Health
Plus: Regenerative Medicine


Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet
Plus: CBD


Grassroots Climate Crisis Strategies
Plus: Healthy Home


Autoimmune Breakthroughs  
Plus: Protein & Collagen Connection


Inspired Lifestyle Travel
Plus: Brain Health


Beyond Factory Farming
Plus: Gut Health


Biological Dentistry
Plus: Environmental Education


Emotional Well-Being 
Plus: Adaptive Yoga


Stress Management  
Plus: Joint Health


Personalized Diabetes Strategies
Plus: Skin Care


Creating Community & Connection
Plus: Spending Locally


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