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Foods That Combat Ovarian Cancer: Eat These to Cut Your Risk

New research released by the Channing Laboratory at Brigham and Women’s Hospital reports that certain foods containing the flavonoid kaempferol—abundant in non-herbal tea and vegetables such as broccoli—may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Another flavonoid, known as luteolin, found in carrots, peppers and cabbage, also appears to have protective benefits.

In their preliminary study, researchers looked at the association of five different flavonoids and the health of nearly 67,000 women enrolled in the hospital’s ongoing Nurses’ Health Study. They found a 40 percent reduction in the risk of ovarian cancer among women with the highest intake of kaempferol, compared with women who had the lowest intake or those who consumed another dietary flavonoid. They also found a 34 percent reduction in the risk of this disease among women with the highest intake of luteolin. The researchers suspect that other flavonoid-rich vegetables, such as onions, beans and kale, may also help defend against ovarian cancer.

Source: Harvard University, 2007

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