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Resume Rep: FastWeb Helps Scholarship Seekers, the Internet’s leading scholarship search service, helps students make the decisions that shape their lives: choosing a college, funding tuition, and finding jobs and career-launching internships. Last year, one out of three college-bound high school seniors used the site, which lists 600,000 scholarships and insights into 3,600 colleges.

“I have found FastWeb the single most useful scholarship search program in 38 years of working with high school students,” says Gary Williams, past president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling. “It provides high school members with materials that simplify the counselor’s role in managing the confusing and time-consuming, but critical, information.”

This year, the site went further, launching its FastWeb Volunteers resource to also connect students with volunteer opportunities. “Volunteer experience is becoming increasingly important, and often a prerequisite, in the scholarship application process,” notes Amanda Joyner, vice president and general manager of FastWeb. Internships help students enhance their candidacy for scholarships and college admission, and can lay the groundwork for entry into the workplace.

Membership is free to students. Connect with opportunities at and

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