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Slow Food: Eat Well at Home and on the Road’s list of thousands of small-scale farms, organic restaurants and other ‘green food’ outlets throughout the United States and Canada continues to grow, signaling America’s shift in consciousness. Simply key in a zip code or city to turn up stores, restaurants and caterers, even personal chefs, who do it right. Such new digital tools “allow us to bypass the big advertisers, the mega-chains, the junk peddlers, and instead find all the other people growing, processing, cooking and eating actual, delicious food,” says Bill McKibben, author of Cultivating the Web.’s latest feature even helps us find local, sustainable, organic food wherever we travel, to create a top-notch eating itinerary. “A little bit of research in advance of an adventure can offer an inquisitive eater a range of delicious memories that truly taste of a place,” comments Allison Radecki, a graduate of Slow Food’s University of Gastronomic Sciences.

For recommendations and recipes, also visit The Green Fork project, at

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