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Unifying Bridges: American Citizens’ Summit to Transform the Political Process

Innovators from all sides of the political spectrum are coming together to develop practical strategies to restore a healthy balance of power between government, corporations and the American people. The evolving Transpartisan Alliance partnership among citizens, organizations and businesses seeks to empower grassroots solutions to our nation’s pressing challenges.

It’s past time to delete the current win-lose political drama with well-tested, win-win principles. This constituency isn’t waiting for the political professionals to agree. Conservatives, Liberals, Greens, Independents, Libertarians and others understand Abraham Lincoln’s counsel: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

For the past four years, the Democracy in America Project and Reuniting America have been convening leaders of diverse groups. They have found that when a safe, welcoming environment, with clear ground rules for building trust, respect and communication is created, unexpected cooperation arises. It’s now time to begin engaging everyday citizens in this emerging, political empowerment movement.

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