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Bell Ringer: Unprecedented Support for International Day of Peace

United Nations peace bells throughout the world will ring September 21 as the International Day of Peace circles the globe in a 24-hour celebration toward a sustainable world peace. A global broadcast via the Internet, radio and television will spotlight the UN’s central purpose, “to end the scourge of war for future generations.” Videos from locations all over the world will stream over and Commemorations of present-day peacebuilders’ accomplishments will be broadcast in dozens of languages on this day of calling for a cease-fire.

“Peace,” advised Albert Einstein, “can only be achieved by understanding.” Peacebuilders focus on creating a long-term culture of peace.  Downloadable tools intended to catalyze year-round public networking and collaboration help jumpstart local initiatives. Imagine if every country began by donating that single day’s warfare budget to a peace organization. Individuals can celebrate Peace Day in as simple an act as lighting a candle and silently sitting in supportive meditation.

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