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Tour de Force: Global Oneness Project Offers Free Online Living Library

Sep 01, 2009 03:00AM

The Global Oneness Project offers a free, online living library of video shorts that explore how the radically simple notion of oneness is made practical in our increasingly complex world. Since 2006, filmmakers have been traveling the globe gathering stories from creative and courageous people who show how we can all better share our world.

“The point of the Global Oneness Project,” says founder and Director Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, “is to remind people that they are part of an interconnected whole—and to offer them hope. We’re exploring a new set of values that aren’t based on greed. We want to tell a new story that honors the potential of human beings having a positive relationship to the world around them.”

Concerned thinkers comment on the fields of sustainability, conflict resolution, spirituality, art, economics, indigenous culture and social justice. Narratives illustrate how, when people shift their focus away from personal fulfillment toward the needs of the community, innovative and life-sustaining solutions are born. They encourage each of us to reflect on the state of the world and ourselves and to listen to what is being asked of us at this time of unprecedented global transformation.

Join the conversation at, with links to social networking sites.

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