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Natural Awakenings

Healing at the Tree of Life: An Oasis for Awakening

Jul 01, 2010 03:00AM

If a life-transforming desert experience is what you want, Tree of Life has much to offer. You can take classes in live food preparation, learn sustainable gardening and farming, or transform your life with sacred ritual, live food gourmet cuisine and mind-body-spirit education.

The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is a spiritual center that functions as an “Oasis for Awakening”—committed to the healing and awakening of consciousness within the individual and the world community. This simple, close-to-nature, ecologically- sustainable retreat is nestled on a 166-acre, sacred, high desert mesa in the pristine mountains of Patagonia, a rural art town in southern Arizona. The ongoing “Tree of Life Experience” program celebrates ecological living, holistic healing, vegan live-food nutrition, vegan organic gardening, whole person education, and a cross-cultural way of life, helping individuals heal and detoxify from old lifestyle habits, addictions, and fears.

The Whole Person Healing optimal health evaluation is a fully integrated holistic program of nutrition, lifestyle change, and natural supplements that bring body-mind-spirit into greater balance and harmony. This powerful foundation for healing and awakened living includes daily gourmet, organic, Kosher, vegan-vegetarian, live-food cuisine created and prepared by the artistic chefs at the Tree of Life Café, Yoga, Pranyama (breathing awareness), Sunrise and Sunset Fire Ceremonies & Meditations, World Peace Meditation, live-food preparation and spiritual gardening instruction, hiking, and Labyrinth walking.

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