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EFT Relieves Veterans’ Post-Traumatic Stress: The Self-Healing Therapy is Offering Relief

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) uses tapping along acupuncture meridians to relieve stress so the body can resume the natural function of self-healing. Through the Veterans Stress Project (, the therapy is now being used and tested with veterans exhibiting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms such as insomnia, anger, grief and hypervigilance. A study by the nonprofit Soul Medicine Institute has shown that more than 86 percent of vets that used EFT have resolved most of their PTSD symptoms; the researchers also report that, on average, their pain diminished by 68 percent.

Dr. Steve Manire, a chiropractor and EFT practitioner in Little Rock, Arkansas, states, “Too many of our nation’s veterans are left believing that they have to live with stress for the rest of their lives when they return from their tours of duty.” He asserts that many find significant relief with EFT.

The Veterans Stress Project will connect veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress with EFT practitioners across the country for six sessions at no cost. Email Deb Tribbey at [email protected].

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