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Water Scarcity Solutions

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1. Save Water Limit the use of water and of washing machines. Take short showers instead of full baths.

2. Educate Empower people to help by showing them how to prevent and mitigate water scarcity problems now and in the future.

3. Recycle Water Learn about and employ available technologies to recycle rainwater and other water used at home.

4. Support Water Conservation Allocate money and time to help water conservation efforts around the world.

5. Improve Farming Practices Farming and irrigation practices and technologies need to become more efficient.

6. Use Fewer Chemicals in Farming To ensure clean water and reduce water shortages, farmers need to decrease their use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which leads to groundwater pollution. 

7. Improve Sewage Systems Improving sewage systems in underserved areas will help to provide clean drinking water and prevent disease and water scarcity.

8. Better Water Distribution Infrastructure To prevent severe water shortages in times of drought, efforts are needed to connect poor people in developing countries to public water supplies.

9. Support Clean Water Initiatives Donate money, time and skills to organizations worldwide that are working to bring clean water to areas that don’t have it.

Source: Conserve Energy Future.

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