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Camp Revamped: Anti-Bullying Tenets Enhance Summer Fun

Apr 30, 2013 12:36PM

Many summer camps have taken steps to prevent bullying, reflecting mainstream trends. Attendees at Camp Dark Waters, a Medford, New Jersey, residential camp for ages 7 through 16 founded on Quaker principles, are asked to abide by a list of Anti-Bullying Campers’ Rights:

• I have the right to be happy and to be treated with kindness. No one will laugh at me, ignore me or hurt my feelings.

• I have the right to be myself. No one will treat me unfairly because  I am fat or thin, fast or slow, strong or weak, a boy or girl. I am different because I am myself.

• I have the right to be safe. No one will hit, kick, push or pinch me. I  will be free from physical threats.

• I have the right to hear and be heard. No one will yell, scream or shout and my opinions and desires will be considered in any plans we make.

• I have the right to learn about myself. I will be free to express my feelings and opinions without being interrupted or punished.

Bullying campers are warned that if they fail to honor these rights, they’ll be sent home.


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